Jan 25, 2022

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Durban metal worker critically injured in 12m fall off roof

A sheet metal worker in Durban was critically injured after falling headlong onto concrete in a 12-meter fall.

Netcare 911 spokesman Shawn Herbst said he had reports of an industrial accident in Brionene, Durban North, received. shortly after 11 a.m. on Tuesday.

“Reports indicate that a worker replacing roofing sheets had failed at a joint between two sheets. The patient, a grown man around 30 years of age, fell from a height of 12 meters and crashed headlong into the concrete floor. “

Although he was wearing a harness that was connected to a lead line, that was Lead line apparently not under tension.

“The man was stabilized by an ambulance from Netcare 911 and transported to the hospital by ambulance,” said Herbst.

In another incident, a man had Partially amputated his right foot after driving over it while mowing the lawn.

Herbst said they responded to calls for help in a shop in Botha’s Hill, west of Durban, after noon.

An adult male worker ran over his right foot while mowing the lawn. The patient was examined by members of the START rescue team who began treating the seriously injured person. “

Herbst said the man had a partial amputation of his foot and was flown to the hospital in a Netcare 911 helicopter. < / p>