Oct 19, 2021

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Eastern Cape graveyards being targeted by criminals

Eastern Cape graveyards are not always a place of peace and rest.

Provincial police this week warned that criminals were using cemeteries to find their next victims.

“This warning comes as there has been a notable increase in robberies at the Forest Hills cemetery in Humewood,” said Col Priscila Naidu.

“Since April, at least five robberies have occurred at the cemetery. The robbers threaten the victims with knives and rob them of their personal belongings. In some cases, they request the vehicle keys and then steal whatever is in the vehicle. The robberies occur at any time during the day. The suspects are usually in a group of between four and eight,” Naidu added.

Police have warned mourners to never go to grave sites alone.

“The area is quiet and the robbers lie in wait for their victims. There is also a thoroughfare through the cemetery which is often used by pedestrians and joggers. Visitors are also advised not to wear expensive jewellery and carry valuable items on their visits. If suspicious people are seen approaching you while at a gravesite, try to make a hasty retreat or attract attention of other people if they are around,” Naidu added.