Dec 5, 2022

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EFF condemns robbery, hijacking of MP Vuyani Pambo

The EFF has condemned the kidnapping and robbery of MP Vuyani Pambo on Monday night.

The party said Pambo’s car was parked in front of his mother’s house when three gunmen approached him with money demanded his car before driving in.

“The gunmen drove the vehicle around and fled with his personal belongings, including his passport, identification documents, organizational materials and other valuables.”

The The way the robbery was carried out “shows it was premeditated”.

The EFF said Pambo was with his child’s mother and child when the incident happened. No one was hurt.

“This incident proves that no one is immune from criminal activity and this government’s continued incompetence has given criminals the courage to strike in the full knowledge that there will be no consequences.

“The levels of crime, particularly organized crime, have reached unbearable levels, particularly kidnappings, kidnappings and assassination attempts,” said the EFF.

The quarterly crime statistics released last month showed general robbery and car hijacking increased by 13% and 19.7%, respectively, in the first quarter of 2022.

Police Minister Bheki Cele urged police officers to reduce their weight as the failure of crime-fighting efforts often affects police stations began .

“SAPS has thousands of hard-working and dedicated employees who risk their lives every day in the performance of their duties. Unfortunately, there are cops who fail communities. Failure often begins at police stations.”

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