Dec 7, 2022

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EFF MP Kenny Motsamai’s adopted daughter, 14, ‘raped and murdered’

Slap chips and a chocolate. This is possibly poisoned food that was allegedly given to EFF MP Kenny Motsamai’s adopted daughter, Lindokuhle Makotshi, after she was raped.

Motsamai told TimesLIVE that his 14-year-old daughter was killed by a 25-year-old man who lives in Katlehong was raped. This is the same area where the daughter lived with her sister and grandmother. Motsamai and his wife live in Sebokeng.

National Law Enforcement Agency (NPA) spokesman Phindi Mjonondwane confirmed that a suspect in connection with the rape was arrested and appeared in court on Wednesday.

A murder charge is now being added because the victim was alive when the suspect first appeared in court. Prosecutors were not told that the victim was allegedly poisoned.

The case was adjourned pending a formal request for bail.

Motsamai said he received a call around 2pm Monday the girl’s older sister and warned him that she had disappeared and they couldn’t find her.

“I drove there but while I was driving they called to tell me they were home had arrived. I arrived a few minutes after her. She was an emotional wreck and crying. She told me she was raped.”

Motsamai said his daughter said the man gave her a bar of chocolate and chips after he raped her.

He contacted the police before driving to the home of the alleged perpetrator. He took the man to the police station, where he was arrested.

“I arrested him myself,” Motsamai said.

When they were busy with the police, Motsamai, his daughter, said started complaining of shortness of breath.

“She said she was having trouble breathing. We took her to the nearest hospital immediately.”

When they arrived, his daughter’s health deteriorated. Rescue personnel gave her oxygen and began testing.

“After a few hours, they informed us that she was poisoned with rat poison,” he said.

Motsamai said the personnel his daughter was treated for the poison, but she died Wednesday afternoon.

Motsamai said he was heartbroken. He and his wife adopted her while he was still in prison. “Her mother died when she was three months old. “My wife told me she liked her and asked that we adopt her. I agreed and we adopted her legally.” Apla was in prison for murder. Apla was involved in an operation that involved a robbery in Rustenburg, North West, which resulted in the death of a traffic officer in 1989. He was later that year sentenced to two life terms at Boksburg Prison in 2018.

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