Oct 21, 2021

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Elderly Durban woman strangled in granny flat

Police are investigating the murder of a 75-year-old Durban woman who was found handcuffed and strangled in a granny flat on her property.

KwaZulu-Natal Police Spokesman Capt Nqobile Gwala said the woman became Found at her home in Parkhill, north of town, at 7:30 pm on Thursday evening.

“We can confirm that a murder case has been opened at the Greenwood Park Police Station.

” It will claims that a 75-year-old female victim was found lying face down, handcuffed and strangled in a granny flat in her garden and was pronounced dead at the scene.

“The motive for this attack is unknown and the matter is being investigated by the police. “

According to Marshall Security, a resident reported” suspicious “activity on a neighboring property.

” Armed forces were dispatched immediately to the Arrival Contact with the victim’s son E It was found that the front door had been forcibly opened and although nothing appeared to be stolen, the victim was nowhere to be found.

“Further investigations led the emergency services and the victim’s son to a secured outbuilding where they could being seen through a window, handcuffed and unresponsive.

“With the permission of the victim’s son, our forces forced the door open to gain entry. The victim was found tied up with zip ties, an extension cord and a belt. ”