Nov 28, 2021

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Electronics in SA are expensive, survey finds

If you thought electronics were expensive in South Africa, you’re right. A recent survey found the country to be in the top 10 when it comes to expensive electronics.

According to European tech rental company, SA has the nine most expensive electronics out of the 50 countries surveyed.

On average, Argentina is the most expensive country to buy electronics in the index, with an overall variance of 67.34% above the average cost of ordinary electronics. Hong Kong has the cheapest electronic items averaging 16.46% below the median, followed by the US and Indonesia.

“At Grover, we have observed the impact of supply chain disruptions on the availability and affordability of electronic products Goods. While we have taken proactive steps to maintain our own inventory, the severity of the supply chain disruption has had a market-wide impact.

“Technology is ubiquitous in the modern world and will only grow in importance as it advances . We decided to conduct this study to draw attention to the fragility of the current supply chains and in the hope that these problems will not become commonplace, “said Giacomo Dalle Vedove, Grover’s VP for Internationality and Growth.

< First, as an observer of the global electronics shortage since the pandemic, the company decided to use data to look further down to analyze how global supply chain bottlenecks and import tariffs have affected the availability and costs of electronics around the world.

“While the long-term effects of the pandemic may be unclear, this study highlights how the consumer electronics industry reacted.

“It’s interesting to see the extremely high price volatility in the case of graphics cards. This trend is related to the rise of the cryptocurrency industry and the notable surge in demand for silicon chips due to the effects of the pandemic. While bottlenecks are never desirable, it’s rewarding to see that Grover plays an important role in this niche segment of consumer electronics.

“For many of us, smartphones and computers allow us to stay connected to the world around us; to friends, family and loved ones. This study highlights the impact of the pandemic on different countries that are best placed to stay connected in a digital landscape, “said Vedove.

The index started by selecting countries that known for making electronic products, countries that are home to major electronics brands, and countries with high electronics ownership rates per capita.

The researchers then tracked the price of popular electronics in each country and gathered data from the largest local ones E-commerce platforms and brick and mortar stores to gain an understanding of both markets.

In cases where the same model of an electronic item was not available, a deviation from the data set median – the Midpoint of the data set – calculated. In cases where supply chain bottlenecks have severely affected the availability of certain electronic goods such as the Sony PlayStation 5, the researchers listed the item as “sold out” to prevent price drivers from affecting the study’s outcome.