Jan 31, 2023

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Elvis Nyathi’s family disappointed after Diepsloot men accused of beating and burning him granted bail

Elvis Nyathi’s cousin Mphathisi Ndlovu expressed his disappointment after the court released on bail seven people suspected of murdering the Zimbabwean national.

Ndlovu said Nyathi’s family was very disappointed that they Perceive South Africa as a country that respects human rights.

“We do not understand why the court decides to release on bail people who [allegedly] killed someone in a brutal manner. As a family, we are scared,” Ndlovu told TimesLIVE after the Randburg Magistrates’ Court case was adjourned.

He claimed that witnesses who were also assaulted during the mob violence identified the accused , at home are Zimbabweans and are afraid to return to South Africa.

Nyathi’s widow was also too afraid to return to South Africa, despite being needed to identify her husband’s killers, Ndlovu said.

Nyathi was attacked and burned in April when some residents of Diepsloot, north of Johannesburg, allegedly carried out vigilante justice and attacked Zimbabwean nationals.

Residents accused Zimbabwean nationals of committing crimes in the area to have. They allegedly robbed some of the victims of their belongings and demanded money from their relatives in exchange for the release of those they were holding captive.

Ndlovu spoke about his family’s helplessness after Nyathi Kill.

“There’s not much we can do, but even other family members who stay there are always afraid to attend court cases. They do not want to be discovered by the accused’s family members. We just hope they are safe,” Ndlovu said.

Cedrick Raseala, 41, Baron Mashele, 31, Godfrey Mahlo, 31, Thomas Serebane, 53, Phumudzo Tshirangwana, 38, Thabo Makgatho, 32 , and Puleng Chipape, 34, are charged with murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, four counts of assault, aggravated robbery and racketeering.

The seven have been granted bail of R3,000 each.

Prosecutor Dinesh Nandkisoor declined bail. He produced an affidavit from the investigating officer stating that it would be likely if the defendants opposed bail /span>they would endanger the safety of the public, would attempt to evade a trial, Influencing or intimidating witnesses and their release span>would jeopardize the functioning of the criminal justice system.

However, the court granted them bail. p>

NPA regional spokesman Phindi Mjonondwane said they agreed and respected the court’s decision.

“The court decided that the defendants were suitable candidates for authorization to be released, Taking into account their right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty and that release serves to ensure that s the defendants appear in court,” she said.

When Judge Hleziphi Mkhasibe delivered the verdict on the bail request, she said the state had failed to demonstrate the role of the individual accused of committing a crime.

“I’m aware that this isn’t a trial court, but if they want to show that the case against the defendant is strong, they could at least have demonstrated that,” she said.

Your case has been postponed to July 7th.

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