Jan 27, 2023

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Energy fund commits 1.5-million litres of fuel to address crisis at OR Tambo

The Central Energy Fund (CEF) has committed to providing 1.5 million liters of jet fuel to help relieve shortages that have seen more than a dozen flights canceled at OR Tambo International Airport.

Fourteen Flights were canceled as of May 1, affecting 3,150 passengers and Acsa losing more than R1.5 million plus landing fees.

This was announced by Mpumi Mpofu, CEO of Airports Company SA (Acsa), in at a media briefing on Monday afternoon.

Mpofu said this is an intervention agreed at a previous meeting attended by the CEF, the airlines’ board and the Airline Association of Southern Africa, among others to address the challenges of “fuel supply mismatch”.


“When airlines can’t find kerosene from their suppliers, the Central Energy Fund steps in,” Mpofu said.

The problems the power supply were damaged during the recent flooding exacerbated a transnet fuel pipeline that carried jet fuel from Durban to OR Tambo.

Mpofu said stakeholders met on Monday to develop a plan to secure supplies.

She said fuel supplies at the airport are “stable” but demand often exceeds supply, mainly due to the unavailability of the Transnet line.

She said the airport now has 3 fuel supplies .5 days.

“It is convenient for us to be at 3.5 days, but we have indicated that we have had delivery problems,” said Mpofu.

Mpofu said that a shipment of jet fuel has arrived at the Port of Durban and will be pumped to a National Petroleum Refinery, which will help alleviate the problem at OR Tambo.

< p>Siganeko Magafela, Head of Supply Security at the SA Petroleum Industry Association said it expected tshepo Mokoka, CEO of the Central Energy Fund, said they would address any shortages caused by the Providing an emergency response deal in partnership with the private sector.

George Mothema, CEO of the Board of Airline Representatives of South Africa (Barsa), said they were pleased with the CEF co bringing on board and to help its members who are affected by the supply problems.

“This should address the short-term problems of refueling and flight cancellations,” Mothema said.

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