Jun 15, 2021

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Enter the 3rd wave: SA adds 9149 COVID-19 cases, crosses the threshold

South Africa technically entered the third wave of COVID-19 infections on Thursday June 10, according to the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD). The institute said that more than 9,000 new cases were identified, giving a test positive rate of 15.7%.


The COVID-19 Ministerial Advisory Committee (MAC) announces a new wave as soon as the average cases over a certain period of time reach a certain threshold. South Africa passed that mark – 5959 cases – on Thursday.

“South Africa technically entered the third wave today as the national 7-day moving average incidence (5959 cases) is now the threshold for the new wave passes as of. defines the MAC, “the NICD said in a statement.

The MAC advice defines the threshold for the 7-day moving average of the new wave as 30% of the highest incidence of the previous wave.

On Thursday, COVID-19 cases in South Africa rose by 268 to 9149 new cases. Gauteng was the hardest hit province for the second straight day, accounting for 5,597 (61%) of the daily cases. The Western Cape ranked second with 932 cases (10%).

Both the Western Cape Provincial Ministry of Health and Gauteng Provincial Health Authorities announced on Thursday that they had entered the third wave of infections according to their statistics.

According to NICD, 844 more people have been hospitalized and 127 more deaths have been recorded in health care facilities in the past 24 hours.