Mar 22, 2023

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Eskom labour protests ‘bring more load-shedding risks’ for SA

Protests at nine Eskom power plants and facilities over the past 24 hours could lead to load shedding at higher levels, the utility warned on Friday.

Some workers went on an unprotected strike on Tuesday after deadlocked collective bargaining.

The protests have included intimidation of employees, blocking of roads leading to power plants and facilities, and obstruction of the free flow of personnel and goods needed for power generation and smooth operation is required, he told Eskom spokesman Sikonathi Mantshantsha

The unavailability of power generation facilities had necessitated extensive deployment of emergency power reserves, which were being depleted faster than they are being replenished could.

“Eskom warns the public that if these criminal acts of intimidation persist or spread, it would increase the risk of disruption to operations and the implementation of load shedding at higher tiers.

“Prior to these disruptions, the power grid had already been heavily loaded for some time, now stage 2 load shedding is being implemented.

“The provision of electricity is an essential service where industrial action is not permitted. The free movement of people and goods in and out of power plants is essential to ensure smooth operations and limit load shedding to current levels and below,” he said.

Eskom appealed to its working partners and striking employees to pursue a higher purpose by putting the people of South Africa first, respecting the law and refraining from illegal behaviour. Meanwhile, incidents have been reported to the police.

Eskom said it is monitoring the situation.

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