Jan 31, 2023

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Eskom rejects City of Tshwane’s debt repayment plan

Eskom has rejected the City of Tshwane’s offer to enter into settlement agreements for the R878 million owed to the utility.

“The City has failed to pay Eskom a total amount due and payable of R908 million by 17 June . The municipality made a payment of R10 million on June 23 and R20 million on June 30,” Eskom said Monday.

As part of its efforts to collect the debt, Eskom Previously, the unpredictable city escalated the matter to Mayor Randall Williams in a meeting with him and his leadership team in January.

Eskom said the matter was escalated again to Williams in June and asked him to help help ensure the municipality settles the account by June 30.

“Of the country’s eight urban municipalities, the city of Tshwane is the only one with irregular payments.”

The irregular payments over the past year had made a negative contribution to Eskom’s rising overdue debts, which totaled more than R46.6 billion, liquidity, financial performance and its sustainability white se and consistently take all appropriate action to collect monies owed to us.

“We remain hopeful that t The City will review its current position regarding Eskom’s appeals and honor its payments said Daphne Mokwena, senior manager for customer service at Eskom in Gauteng.

In February, the city raised revenue – collection campaign shutting down the services of ministries, embassies and companies that could not pay .

The city’s debt book is in excess of R17 billion. That number includes R1.3 billion in government and embassy debt, R4 billion in corporate debt and R8 billion in consumer debt,” said Williams.

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