Dec 8, 2022

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Estranged husband gets a fine and suspended sentence for punching, kicking wife

That may be lenient, but there is little room for appeal against the verdict in which a woman was beaten in Pretoria North Regional Court this week.

According to the private indictment by AfriForum unit spokesman Barry Bateman.

The businessman was fined R20,000 and given a three-year suspended sentence. In 2018, he pushed, punched and kicked his wife in her shop while she ducked in front of him.

He pleaded guilty to assault with intent to cause aggravated assault.

His wife asked AfriForum’s private prosecutor’s office for help when the case was removed from the court list. Attorney Gerrie Nel and his team have lodged an appeal with the Director of Public Prosecutions, which led to the case being reopened in May, the organization said I’m happy about the guilty verdict. It sends a strong message to women that they need to speak out against gender-based violence and there is always a listening ear,” she said after the trial.

Security footage showed the seriousness of the attack not seen in court, after the defense objected to the submission and asked that the state first present evidence to prove its authenticity, said Bateman, who posted it to social media after the sentencing.

This was not done by prosecutors moves on to the medical evidence instead.

The wife also shared the footage on her social media platform, along with messages of goodwill and media coverage of the trial, saying, “This is me and I stand up against abuse of women.”

In its statement, AfriForum said it “had hoped that more would be done to ensure that the footage would be admitted to the records so that the Ri [his] violent behavior against which he is directed can see firsthand his wife.”

Bateman told TimesLIVE the state can appeal if it finds the court erred in law. But although he felt the sentence was too lenient, the court reached its conclusion based on what was presented in court and let the law guide it.

“It’s unfortunate, but it is, as it is,” Bateman said.

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