May 28, 2022

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Eswatini man gets 18 years in jail for stabbing girlfriend to death

A man who stabbed his girlfriend multiple times after finding her at his brother’s house last year has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for her murder.

The Mpumalanga High Court handed it down Sentence against Celumusa Dube, 44, of Eswatini on Wednesday.

The murder occurred on his birthday on February 24, when he went to a local tavern in Barberton for booze.

< On the way back home, Dube passed his brother's house. When Dube's knock did not elicit a response, he became aggressive and broke down the door.

Dube found his brother with his girlfriend and the girlfriend got into an argument. Dube attacked her with a knife and stabbed her several times until she died.

The defendant pleaded guilty.

The court found Dube guilty of first degree murder.

However, the court deviated from the mandatory minimum sentence of life imprisonment. It took into account that the defendant was a first-time offender and showed remorse by pleading guilty.

Dube was sentenced to 18 years for murder and five years for burglary with intent to murder.


The court ordered simultaneous sentences.

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