Jan 27, 2023

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eThekwini ward councillor arrested for murder of two ANC members

An ANC councilor was arrested in connection with the killing of two party members ahead of last year’s local elections.

The ANC in the eThekwini region said Monday it had reports of the arrest from the council and other suspects.

“This is related to the killing of Comrade Siyabonga Mkhize and Comrade Mzukisi Nyanga in Cato Crest last November,” said region spokesman Mlondi Mkhize.

< p>The arrested councilor is believed to have replaced Siyabonga Mkhize as a candidate after he was killed.

“While we understand and accept the principle of natural justice, a person remains until proven to the contrary is presumed innocent, but we demand justice for our fallen comrades. We stand by the families of our fallen comrades and want to see justice.

“Our freedom is threatened whenever a member of the community is murdered or robbed. For these reasons, we call on law enforcement to stand firm and act decisively to continue rooting out rogue elements behind the assassination of leaders and innocent members of society in our region,” said Mlondi Mkhize.

Members of Community must work with police and isolate criminals.

“We will be closely monitoring this case to its final stages. Importantly, we want to reassure the community affected by the absence of the imprisoned councilor that the ANC will appoint a PR councilor to serve the community.

“As the people by eThekwini for in polls they voted for services such as water, electricity, housing, road infrastructure, jobs and access to economic opportunities. We will never let them down.”

The ANC called on its volunteers to mobilize communities to fight back against crime.

“We must fight the Intensify crime in all its manifestations – from the unacceptable level of murders and assaults, robberies, kidnappings to domestic violence. The culture of impunity should not be tolerated in this region,” he said.

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