Feb 9, 2023

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Family wants Stellenbosch student banned from all universities

The family of Mdantsane-born Babalo Ndwayana, whose study material, including a laptop, was urinated on Sunday morning by a friend of his white flatmate in the Huis Marais of Stellenbosch University, wants Theuns du Toit banned from all South African universities.


Ndwayana woke up around 4am to Du Toit urinating on his desk.

Ndwayana, who opened a criminal case against Du Toit on Tuesday, said he wanted against Du Toit fight but chose to film him instead.

Du Toit has been suspended from the university pending an investigation.

Ndwayana, 20, who attended Mizamo High School at Mdantsane’s NU15 is a first grade agricultural sciences student.

Ndwayana said he has memories of the incident.

“I would like that this person will be expelled from the university. I claim I have no problem with my white roommate and will continue to stay with him.

“My dignity was eroded by this person,” Ndwayana said.< /p>

He said he had opened a case of malicious damage to property and criminal injury at Stellenbosch Police Station

The Dispatch visited on Tuesday the student’s family in Mdantsane.

The family said they were informed of the incident by Ndwayana shortly after the incident.

His father Mkhuseli Kaduka said: “I was shocked than i heard about it. I soon started to worry about my son because he is in another federal state.

“I immediately wrote an e-mail to the rector of the university, but unfortunately I didn’t get an answer

“My son told me he was faced with fighting this young man, but he chose to record a video being told by this young man that this is a ‘white thing, boy'” said Kaduka.

In a statement on Monday, the university said it “condemns the destructive, hurtful and racist incident that took place in the early hours of Sunday morning at the residence of the Huis Marais on the Stellenbosch University campus captured on cell phone video, in the strongest possible terms.”

< p>Kaduka said he wanted the university to urgently hold rigorous workshops on intercultural diversity and invite former black students who may have experienced incidents of racism at the university.< /pp >

“We’re not happy at all. One would have thought such incidents were a thing of the past.

“I’m glad my son recorded this because it might have stayed under the rug.”

” The university offered to move Ndwayana to another room, but we declined the agreement.

“Will the university always move a black student to another room when an incident of this nature occurs?< /p>

“The university has to deal with the topic. My son told me that he sees no reason to be separated from his white roommate because he hasn’t had any issues with him,” Kaduka said.

“There are people out there who don’t understand how serious this incident is for my son and my family.

“The country urgently needs a dialogue. The university needs a serious debate on racism and intercultural diversity.”

Kaduka described his son as calm and composed.

“He loves his family and his sisters as he is our first born. He loves to cook. He is very passionate about farming.”

Kaduka said he wanted Du Toit to bear the consequences of his actions.

“Expulsion alone is not enough. I want him banned from all universities for a period of time.

“An example needs to be made so something like this doesn’t happen again,” Kaduka said.

He said they were waiting for the Du Toit family to get in touch with them.

“The reason we decided to open a case on Tuesday afternoon is because we want the Du Toit family wanted to give enough time to get in touch with us.


“As a parent, you contact this family if your son has done something wrong to another family. They didn’t.”

The University’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Wim de Villiers, said what happened was unacceptable.

“We are appalled by this kind of Behavior. Such behavior will not be tolerated at the university.

“We have acted quickly and decisively to maintain our commitment to a culture of inclusion.

“What happened in the Huis Marais, is not acceptable. No student has the right to infringe upon the human dignity or rights of another student in this way,” said De Villiers. Choice Makhetha, said, “The student involved is clearly in shock following his very upsetting and painful ordeal.

“He is trying to process what happened and has been offered counseling.

“He will receive support as needed to ensure his academic progress is not affected by the incident,” Makhetha said.

Ndwayana is expected to return home on May 24 and resume writing exams in June. The university offered to pay for his flight.