Sep 21, 2021

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Financial misconduct costs Eastern Cape lawyer his robes

Eastern Cape attorney Mzwabantu Majola has lost his robe after three complaints about his behavior.

The Legal Practice Council (LPC) has filed an application for Majola to be disqualified and extradited to the Makhanda Supreme Court passed the verdict this week.

LPC’s predecessor, the Cape Law Society, received two complaints about majola in 2014. In one case, Majola acted as the seller of land that the complainant wanted to buy and paid him R1.35 million. The sale was canceled but Majola did not return the money despite “repeated inquiries”.

In another case, Majola assisted a property owner with the sale and transfer of a residential property and R 250,000 was deposited into his account. But he “only offered part of the R80,000 amount”.

Another complaint was filed in 2017 against Majola. He was involved in a R2.1 million property sale and sent the property seller a statement showing two payments – R 400,000 and R 1.624 million, however, the seller received only R 400,000

Three Checks deposited by the attorney on the seller’s account were declined by the bank. It was later discovered that Majola’s business account had a balance of more than R 1.7 million. The money owed to the property seller was paid from the account when it was seized.

The LPC said Majola “had abused his position as a lawyer to get rich.” In doing so, he was guilty of dishonorable and shameful conduct. He is not the right person to practice as an attorney for this court. ”

Majola admitted that his law firm was handling the transactions that gave rise to the three complaints. But he denied that he was not the right person to practice as a lawyer. He also denied any wrongdoing, but the court didn’t buy his story.

“As bad as it is to curtail the chosen calling of a person who took many years of study and the resources to develop.” It is in the public interest that the erosion of professional ethics or unethical, inappropriate behavior be nipped in the bud, “said Judge Nomathamsanqa Beshe .

” In my opinion, those The only appropriate sanction is to remove the defendant’s name from the list of attorneys. “