May 26, 2022

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Fires on Ou Kaapseweg contained, visitors to Silvermine evacuated

A busy mountain road connecting the southern peninsula to the rest of Cape Town was closed by seven fires on Saturday and visitors to the Silvermine area were evacuated.

Maxine Bezuidenhout, a Cape Town spokeswoman The Fire and Rescue Service said the Ou Kaapseweg was closed in both directions between Steenberg and Silvermine Road in Noordhoek.

At 1:40 p.m., a tweet from Table Mountain National Park said that all seven ” “Flag areas” had been contained and the situation remained “very volatile”.

“Crews remain on site to carry out clean-up efforts, as well as four helicopters who will continue to bombard the area with depth charges,” it said .< /p>

NCC Wildfires tweeted that the area is “still very hot and dangerous”.

Visitors to the Silvermine area – the had reached full capacity on the hottest day of the summer so far, according to Table Mountai n National Park – were evacuated as safety precautions and ground crew from VWS Wildfire Services and Work ing on Fire were called.

Fire department spokesman Jermaine Carelse said the fire had been “extremely flowing”. and about 80 firefighters were involved in the fight.

< p>The City of Cape Town sent about 10 vehicles – six fire engines and four water tankers.

37 °C were forecast for the afternoon. However, Cape Town’s “Cape Doctor” – the south-easterly summer wind that often fuels forest fires – was weak.