Jan 31, 2023

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Flood disaster committee satisfied with clarification on R1bn allocation

Parliament’s ad hoc joint committee on flood disaster relief and recovery said it was satisfied with the clarification of the R1bn allocated for the disaster.

The Treasury clarified that the money was available, but there was a challenge in the application process.

The committee said it was also pleased with the clarification that the biggest challenge facing the Treasury was the lack of coordination between different branches of government in applying for the Funding is.

The National Treasury updated the committee on grants it had awarded so far.

It said it had R87.4 million in grants for six KwaZulu-Natal communities approved for provincial and municipal disaster relief, R325. 8 million provincial shelter grants within the province and R16.6 million community shelter grants for the Eastern Cape community of Alfred Nzo to fund temporary shelter for 258 destitute households. So far R8.3 million has been transferred and the municipality would have to spend at least 80% of that before the second tranche could be disbursed.

The committee said it had also been informed that the reprioritization of the Contingent grants approved for the immediate response included R65m for water tanker hire for the KwaZulu-Natal district communities of eThekwini, Ugu and iLembe. A further R41.3 million was approved for reprioritizing the province’s municipal infrastructure grant.

Other initiatives to provide emergency funding included R189 million for an informal partnership grant to improve settlements in KwaZulu-Natal, R105.7 million in contingent human settlements development grant payments to the Eastern Cape and R733 million in contingent human settlements development grant payments to KwaZulu-Natal.

The committee said it had all three branches of government asked to provide metrics on governance response to the disaster to mitigate a siled approach at work that had contributed to the funding confusion.

It was scheduled to finalize its preliminary report to help address the challenges to help it saw after visiting the three affected provinces.

Once completed and submitted, the K omitee Request progress reports from the provinces to determine their response to the disaster following the committee’s intervention. After that, it would invite the Auditor-General to submit reports on the special review it is conducting in relation to the disaster. That information would form part of the committee’s final report, it said.

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