Jan 27, 2023

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Flood-hit Durban school saved from closure by private college

A private college of higher education has saved a Durban primary school, badly damaged by flooding, from closing its doors permanently to its nearly 1,000 students.

Mancosa, a Durban-based institution that focuses on distance learning specializes, decided to lead a remediation project after Dr. Macken Mistry Primary School in Newlands East was hit by the floods, causing more than R3 million in damage.

The school found itself in a dilemma, lacking the financial means to carry out a thorough clean-up – until Mancosa stepped in.

Principal Pompey Sukool said most amenities and facilities were destroyed, including electrical appliances.

“The 20 classrooms and tuck shop were flooded and damaged estimated at R3m,” he said.

“The water rose to the ceiling and thick mud seeped into all the classrooms and offices.”

Sukool said the school is grateful to Mancosa, “for to save the school from permanent closure.” Prof Magnate Ntombela, Head of Mancosa, said: “Ours is a cari ng institution that has positioned itself as a permanent organization that plays an important role in its local communities and economies .

“If Common n communities, particularly schools, in need, Mancosa works with like-minded partners to provide a loan to provide a targeted response to alleviate the need.

“These types of initiatives remain in the will of Yusuf Karodia Foundation, which focuses on fostering a better future through participation in educational initiatives, new ventures, and creating and supporting well-being,” said Ntombela.

Sukool said the facility had easier cleaning and a new alarm system , WiFi, office furniture, a computer and printer, and new doors.

He said the school should be fully operational by Monday.

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