Jun 18, 2021

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FlySafair scare: Passengers told to ‘brace for impact’ on Durban flight

Passengers on board a FlySafair flight from OR Tambo to Durban on Saturday praised the pilots and crew of the FA380 after they safely landed at their destination due to technical problems in the cockpit.

FlySafair encounters ‘technical problem’

Kirby Gordon, CMO of FlySafair, has published a public statement confirming the incident. A false display on the dashboard indicated that a parking brake was still on. If it did, one of the aircraft’s tires would stay in place upon landing, leaving 155 passengers in a dangerous position.

Fortunately, the warning was false. The experienced flight crew was able to land with no further problems, and the impact travelers should be prepared for never really came. Everything is fine, the end is fine, right?

“FlySafair can confirm that the flight is safe in. After a brief concern about a technical problem on the plane Durban. Shortly after 1:00 pm the crew received a false indication that a parking brake may have been applied. Sensitive aircraft equipment can sometimes misrepresent, but the crew followed the required safety procedures. “

Kirby Gordon

‘The cabin crew shouting clip!’ – An eyewitness account

Ismael Mahomed, a director at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, was on board the flight in question yesterday and visited his Facebook page to praise the airline’s staff and drew a vivid picture of the approach to Durban:

“The captain calmly described the problem. I looked around to see if anyone was panicking or Prayer would break out. Nobody did, although he declared that the plane would land with a loud screeching. There was not even panic in the air when he explained that the ground was being prepared with fire trucks and ambulances. “

“The cabin crew was rehearsing passengers for a tense landing. All we could do here was the cabin crew voices saying“ Brace! ”The plane landed. I didn’t hear the screeching. I heard passengers applaud. We were alive, we were in the hands of a professional F flight crew who managed the entire crisis with absolute control, calm and efficiency. “

Ismael Mahomed