Sep 21, 2021

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Food poverty line now at R624: Stats SA

The food poverty line rose to R 624 in April of this year, up from R 585 in the previous year, Statistics SA (Stats SA) announced in the 2021 National Poverty Lines publication.

This amount per person per month , also known as the extreme poverty line, is the amount a person needs to be able to afford the minimum required daily energy intake.

In addition to the food poverty line, there are two other inflation-adjusted national poverty lines

The lower poverty line of R890 per person per month in April 2021 (compared to R840 in April 2020) refers to the food poverty line plus the average non-food amount of households whose total expenditure corresponds to the food poverty line.

< p> The upper poverty line refers to the food poverty line plus the average amount resulting from non-food of households who consume their food with tel spending food poverty line.

The upper poverty line was R 1,335 per person per month in April 2021, up from R1,268 in April 2020.

Stats SA said Thursday that the national poverty lines based on the basic needs cost approach, which links well-being to the consumption of goods and services.

It is said that poverty lines are important instruments that enable statistical reporting on poverty levels and patterns.

In 2007, Stats SA was officially mandated by the government to set a threshold that will be used to standardize the monetary metric measure of poverty for the country.

Stats SA said the national poverty lines were developed to improve the country’s ability to target development policies and programs.

It is said that national poverty lines are not designed to determine the fair share of provinces to set the national minimum wage and the amount for social benefits.