Oct 23, 2021

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Former apartheid security branch officer in court for Cosas triple murders 40 years ago

Christian Siebert Rorich, a former bomb expert and officer in the security department, is expected to appear before the Kagiso District Court on Tuesday in connection with the death of three student activists in Krugersdorp almost 40 years ago.

“This is a welcome step in the right direction in our long, painful 40 years of waiting and striving for justice as the four families, “said the family spokesman Mbulelo Musi.

Eustice Madikela, Ntshingo Mataboge, Fanyana Nhlapo, who was then between 17 and 21 years old was killed and Zandisile Musi seriously injured when she was blown up on February 15, 1982 in a disused mine pump house in Krugersdorp on the western edge of Gauteng.

The four, all of whom were members of the SA student congress, were called the Cosas Four.

Last September, the families of the Cosas Four appealed to the courts for national prosecution To force the authorities to bring the apartheid-era police officers who are behind the murder of their loved ones to justice.

According to the court motion filed by the Madikela and Nhlapo families at the Krugersdorp District Court, the men were attacked, after they were lured into the pump house by the then Vlakplaas member and Askari Thlomedi Ephraim Mfalapitsa.

They had gone to the pump house to allegedly receive training in the use of weapons to carry out attacks on apartheid government officials.

The families want the court to order that the remains of Madikela, Nhlapo and Mataboge be buried in Kagiso Cemetery and subjected to forensic investigation.

Mfalapitsa, 67 , a former Vlakplaas police officer, appeared in court earlier this year. The state said before Mfalapitsa defected to the security department, he had a close relationship with two of Musi’s older brothers who served with him in exile in Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK), the armed wing of the ANC.

After he defected, Mfalapitsa contacted Musi, who was a member of Cosas.

Musi and the three deceased wanted to leave the country to join a group of other comrades in the ANC in exile. < / p>

Musi was investigating the possibility of leaving the country with Mfalapitsa, whom he mistakenly still considered a member of MK, unaware that he had become an Askari.

Mfalapitsa allegedly became by Jan Carel. ordered Coetzee, a commander in Vlakplaas, to lure Musi and the deceased into an explosives-contaminated pump house in a mine near Krugersdorp, on the pretext of giving them military training.

The explosives exploded, killing the deceased instantly. Musi survived the explosion but was seriously injured and hospitalized.

In May 1999, former Coetzee security officers, Willem Frederick Schoon, Abraham Grobbelaar, Rorich and Mfalapitsa were granted amnesty by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Denied for their roles in the murders.