Jul 26, 2021

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Former deputy chief justice Moseneke says elections can’t happen later this year — here are five reasons why

Former Vice-Presiding Judge Dikgang Moseneke called on medical experts, scientists and other experts in his investigation to investigate whether it is safe for SA to hold local elections during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Moseneke was from. appointed the Electoral Commission (IEC) in May to review the feasibility of elections later this year. He said politicians were deeply divided on their proposals on whether elections should take place or be postponed.

An SA chief activist Mmusi Maimane said a postponement meant a delay in accountability.

“Our movement believes that this is an exceptional recommendation that need not be addressed. Postponing elections not only sets a dangerous constitutional precedent, it also expands the ANC’s mismanagement across communities, ”he said.

Here are just five reasons Moseneke recommended the postponement:

The elections must be free and fair

Moseneke said the constitution requires regular, free and fair elections. He said that elections cannot be held without one of these pillars as it would mean that they are not democratic.

“Elections must not only be regular, but also free and fair. The Constitution does not create an optional binary formula that states that elections must be irregular, but not free and fair, or that they must be free and fair even if they are not regular. “

On a . postpone later date

Moseneke recommended postponing the elections to February next year.

“After considering all input from stakeholders, applicable law and investigations into electoral practices during Covid -19 pandemic and related science, we conclude that it is not reasonably possible or likely that the local elections scheduled for October 2021 will be held freely and fairly, as is the mandatory provisions of the Constitution and its related Make laws mandatory.

“We believe that the planned elections will likely be free and fair if they take place no later than the end of February 2022.”

Face to face to face registrations

Moseneke said under the lockdown rules of Alert Level 4, which can be extended after July 25th, the security of voters who do not have the funds for the will be at risk electronic registration.

“If the elections go as planned, most actions will have to be carried out according to the draft schedule will be unreasonable, starting with the personal registration of voters who do not have access to electronic registration have. “

Postponement of by-elections

Moseneke said the postponement of by-elections in 2020 and 2021 in lower lockout levels shows the risk associated with gatherings during the pandemic.

“The commission said government policies and restrictions were being undermined and that the population was better aware of the risk of infection and new variants of the virus, and that voters were more aware of the elections would keep away. “

The parties must be able to prepare for elections

Political organizations and independent candidates must be free to hold rallies and Promote the elections.

“The freedom to vote is fundamental to the conduct of free and fair elections. This includes the freedom to normally advertise, advertise, and engage in activities for a person seeking a choice