Oct 21, 2021

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Four deadly snakes reported on one Durban road in two hours leave residents sssshaken

The sighting of four poisonous snakes on the same street within two hours on Tuesday shook the residents of a suburb of Durban.

Snake rescuer Nick Evans was called to Westville after the poisonous reptiles on a residential street Evans told TimesLIVE it was “an unbelievable and unfortunate day” because he failed to find a single snake of the three Mozambican spitting cobras and a black mamba.

“They were pretty hard to pin down, I didn’t see a single one,” he said.

Evans said it was “certainly unusual for everyone to be on the same street at the same time”. < / p>

“It was definitely not the same snake,” he added.

Evans said as the weather in Durban warms up, more snake sightings should be expected.

“It was calm with the cold front and the rain, but now it’s getting hotter. Sometimes it gets daytime over too hot for them to move in the afternoons and evenings, which they did yesterday. “

While Mozambique’s spitting cobras refused to kill, he said,” their bite is very dangerous. The last confirmed bite was in Durban about two years ago. They keep spitting in the eyes of the dogs. We had two cases yesterday.

“It’s almost better that you spit rather than bite. The venom in the eyes can be washed out, but the bite is much more serious. ”

Evans described his Westville experience in a Facebook post.

“ I became a street in Westville called about a Mozambican cobra at a garage entrance. I won’t mention the street in case I cause a mass exodus of residents even though they should be used to snakes there, “he wrote.

” I got another call on the way for a Mozambique spitting cobra – on the same street! This had gone under a terrace. I went to this one first, as it sounded more like the snake might come out at any moment.

“My hopes weren’t high as I had previously tried unsuccessfully to catch cobras under this terrace. Well I couldn’t find it. So I went down to the next house. I couldn’t find that either.

“While I was chatting with the homeowner on the second call, I got a call for another Mozambican spitting cobra – on the same street! Three in one street! I raced up the street with an impressive response time. Granted, I didn’t have a lot of hope. The cobra was seen from a huge amount of rocks in a cage-like structure that supported an embankment. “

Evans said he could hear the snake hiss loudly but not see it. “The dog was spat at, but the owners acted quickly and rinsed his eyes out with water.”

As he left the house, a neighbor called him after seeing a black mamba in his garden . “The mamba fled, went through the fence and into the bush.

” Four poisonous snakes in a street, all within about two hours. Absolutely unbelievable!

“And how terrible was my luck? Not even a picture of a single snake! Quality. Still, it was fun! ”