Jan 25, 2022

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Four things you need to know about alleged parliament arsonist Zandile Christmas Mafe

Suspected arsonist Zandile Christmas Mafe made headlines this week after his arrest in connection with the fire that ravaged Parliament.

Mafe appeared before the district court from Cape Town on Tuesday, where his case has been postponed until January 11 for further investigation.

He is charged with burglary, theft, arson and other charges under the National Key Points Act accused.

Here’s what you need to know about Mafe.

Not homeless < / strong>

It was originally reported that the 49-year-old from Khayelitsha was homeless, but his lawyer Luvuyo Godla denied the claims. < / p>

Godla said Mafe lives in Khayelitsha, location B.

“He is a person with a permanent address. He’s been in the Western Cape for more than six years, ”said Godla.

Poor and without wealth

Godla said Mafe is a “poor man” and he represents him on a pro bono basis.

“Right now I don’t even have a dime . What made me defend this guy is that he raised his hand, “said Godla.

” He has no fortune, but that doesn’t shut him down There is some speculation that Dali Mpofu will join the legal team, but Godla has neither confirmed nor denied this.

‘Shy guy’

Mafe’s neighbor Wendy Luhabe told TimesLIVE that he’s a “shy guy”.

“He wanted a place to stay, so we referred him to this page. Every Thursday he fetched papers and cleaned the street, “she said.

Loud Daily Voice < span>, Neighbor Maggie Basse said Mafe is a loner.

“He’s a loner, stays to himself. All you ever hear is when he says hello and that’s it, “she said.

Caught with an explosive device

According to Eric Ntabazalila, spokesman for the National Prosecutor’s Office in the Western Cape, Mafe was also charged with possession of an explosive device.

The state also stole the alleged Mafe Laptops, dishes and documents from Parliament.

However, Godla denied this, claiming Mafe was a “scapegoat” for omissions by the executive and legislative branches.

“How would this person get access to parliament and how would they know where to go in parliament and burn [the building] down? He’s clearly a scapegoat. This is a failure of the executive and the legislature, not the poor man, “said Godla .