Jan 23, 2022

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French government to vaccinate its citizens in SA

If you are French, aged 55 and above, and live in SA you are eligible for Covid-19 vaccination.

This week the French embassy in SA and the consulates-general of Cape Town and Johannesburg announced that they will be vaccinating French nationals in the country, including the staff in the French network who are aged 55 and older.

The vaccination campaign follows the visit to SA by French President Emmanuel Macron a few weeks ago.

The vaccination campaign started on Thursday June 17 in Pretoria and will move to Cape Town on Saturday, June 19.

“The vaccine used is the Janssen vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, which is reserved for people aged 55 and over by the French health authorities,” said the embassy in a statement.

The following groups are eligible for vaccination,if they are 55 years of age and over:

  • French citizens and their married or civil union spouses;
  • Foreign parents of French children who are minors or adults; and
  • Staff members from the French embassy and French institutions in SA and Lesotho and their married or civil union spouses.

For more information, visit the French embassy website here.

Spouses of French citizens and foreign parents of French children who are minors or adults must also present proof, showing the legally established link with the French national: for example the family record book, birth certificate of the minor or adult child, marriage or PACS (pacte civil de solidarité) agreement.

Vaccination certificates will be provided after the vaccination.