Feb 7, 2023

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Friend and business partner of man killed at Rosebank restaurant is ‘looking for answers’

Vijay Ghanshamdas, a“friend for decades” and business partner of Jason Lambe, who was gunned down on Thursday while waiting for breakfast at a popular Johannesburg restaurant, says he has more questions than Answers about his friend’s “unexpected end”.

“I’ve known Jason for 20 years. As far as I know, no business he was involved in had the kind of turnover that could cause a murder like this in broad daylight,” Ghanshamdas told TimesLIVE on Friday.

Ghanshamdas says police contacted him just “20 minutes” before speaking to this reporter.

“I heard aboutJason’s death last night. I couldn’t sleep at all and am still in shock. How can something like this be possible in broad daylight and public spaces?”

Ghanshamdas, who was co-director at MJ Impex with Lambe, is still looking for answers.

” Jason has never been involved with the money or the day-to-day management of companies in which he has invested. Why would anyone want to murder him? It must be for some personal reason or some business or business I wasn’t aware of.”

He was involved in two ventures with Lambe.

“The first one was a business , where we had kiosks in three malls selling vapes and vaping products. The deal fell through, but it was so small that we only had about R200,000 to R300,000 worth of shares left to sell,” says Ghanshamdas.

He says Lambe funded it this business.

At the time of the murder, they were involved in a supply business in the hydroponic cannabis industry.

“We sold grow lights and grow tents to retailers. So we had no contact with customers from the growing industry. Even this business is too small to want to commit murder. Our turnover has ranged from R200,000 to R300,000 per month.

“I know he was also involved in some real estate deals but I have no further details.”

He says that although Lambe was legally resident in the United Arab Emirates, he was born in South Africa.

Jason spent very little time in South Africa. He must have spent about three months here in the last three years. The rest of the time he was in Dubai,” says Ghanshamdas.

He’s still in shock.

“This is crazy. How is it possible that armed men can walk into a restaurant in broad daylight in one of the busiest areas of Johannesburg and do so and escape? There must be hundreds of cameras in that area.”

Lambe was waiting for breakfast with two unidentified men at Tasha’s in The Zone shopping center at 10:00 am Thursday whenthe two masked attackers entered the restaurant.

A police source close to the investigation told TimesLIVE that the two suspects went straight to the table where the victim was sitting and one of them fired multiple shots at him.< /p>

“The victim himself was armed, but did not have time or opportunity to draw his own gun,” the police source told police.

“When the two killers started shooting, the other two men [who had breakfast with Lambe] fled the scene. We had very little to do while they walked, but we have information that these two and the two attackers areArabic,” the police source said.

He said that it was possible. The motive was taking shape.

“Investigators are investigating leads that the deceased was a witness to a violent crime in the past. It is unclear whether this incident took place in South Africa or abroad, but the investigation is still at a very early stage.”

Ghanshamdas finds this hard to believe.

“It there is almost no violent crime in the UAE so it should have happened here. If Jason had seen something like this in SA he would have mentioned something, even casually.”

He has no idea of ​​a possible motive.

“Jason had no enemies as far as I know from. No angry ex-wife or business partner, nothing.”

Col Dimakatso Sello, a Gauteng police spokesman, says the motive for Lambe’s murder is still unknown.

“I can only confirm the information I have already provided,” Sello responded to a direct request for comment on the nationality of the four alleged suspects and possible motive.

“A murder is under investigation and police will contact anyone who may be If you have any information that may assist the investigation, please contact the Crime Stop Line on 08600 10111 or report tips anonymously via the MySaps app. All information received will be kept strictly confidential,” Sello told TimesLIVE.