Dec 4, 2022

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From marijuana to abortion and everything in between — Malema’s Sunday quotes

Charismatic EFF leader Julius Malema is known for off-the-cuff comments during his speeches, and his address Sunday at the Freedom Charter Day rally in Kliptown, Soweto was no different.

Here are a few quotes from the address:


Malema spoke about abortion being made illegal in much of the US, with the bans being banned within hours introduced after Roe vs Wade were overturned. The landmark ruling comes more than 50 years after the US legalized abortion and left it up to the individual states to decide.

The EFF chair said the US, a country that professing to be democratic are not democratic if they take away a woman’s right to vote.

“Please let us be the example of democracy in the world because America is a dictatorship. We have to be the democracy the world looks up to.”


Malema said, “How is Dagga illegal and alcohol legal?”

He spoke about the high rate of accidents on the roads, saying many were caused by drunk driving, but none were caused by “smoking and driving” which is a process of change. Private individual use and cultivation for personal use of marijuana is legal.


“The doors to learning remain closed. They want a registration fee. We are led by fools. The ANC loves the illiterate. They like to keep people ignorant,” he said.

Malema commented on the high levels of unemployment and poverty that prevent the poor from getting quality education.

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“The Freedom Charter says there must be leisure – relaxation. It speaks of houses, security and comfort.”


The EFF has a radical view on the distribution of land, particularly the expropriation of land without compensation .

“Our interpretation of the Freedom Charter is radical. For the EFF, freedom means nationalizing banks and mines. Very soon we will come for farmland, mining land and fishing land, because even the fishery is ours.”


“Under the EFF, there will never be one Be a shack.”

Malema said there are no shacks in Lesotho and South Africa shouldn’t have any.


He said , the ANC was weakest and would not be weak again. He said if you miss the opportunity to lead in 2024, “it’s your own fault”.

The EFF is aiming for one million registered members in the upcoming elections, and Malema wants at least a quarter of those voting in Johannesburg so the EFF can rule the city


Malema spoke about xenophobic sentiment in parts of the country, saying all Black people should be considered Africans to be united.

“The other day when you expelled Zimbabweans, some ANC man turned this country into a tavern. Look what you’re doing.”

He was talking about South Africans who, dubbed Operation Dudula, removed foreigners selling fruit and veg from street stalls in Alexandra.

He said the problem was that when South Africans were chasing people away and not occupying this land, they were allowing someone else to benefit from this land and not themselves.

He said South Africans shouldn’t be used to do this , Anti-African Thinking.

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