May 28, 2022

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Gardee blames ‘more than 100 people targeted by Mbombela abductors’

In a recorded tribute by Godrich Gardee to his murdered daughter Hillary, the former EFF General Secretary said he never dreamed that one day he would have to arrange her funeral.

” We give birth to bury ourselves, not to bury them,” Gardee said in a video shown at Hillary’s funeral in Mbombela on Saturday.

“In you we saw a bright future, but it shouldn’t be. Instead we found you with injuries that show you were hit with a blunt object, with a gunshot wound to the back of the head, with a bleeding nose.”

Gardee, who now practices law, described how he and his family had to identify 28-year-old Hillary, where she was found in a Mbombela field on Tuesday. “I tripped and tripped and almost fell on you.”

He criticized Mbombela residents, who he said had not reported to the police that they had been kidnapped and money was withdrawn from their bank accounts. In a cardless bank transaction, Gardee sent herself R1,300 around the time of her kidnapping, and her three-year-old told strangers who found her on the street that her mother “fought”.

” More than 100 people have it failed to report this to the police. Your silence killed you,” Gardee told Hillary.

“The police silence and failure to examine the files on their desks killed you. You were killed by your country’s silence about this new crime.

“You gave them (Hillary’s captors) a fight and they were scared, so they killed you.”

Gardee shared Hillary’s struggle for permanent employment and said it was because he was her father. “Nobody wanted to hire you because your last name is Gardee.”

He ended his tribute by saying that the last phone calls and text messages between him and his daughter before she disappeared “would remain indelible” . Regarding three-year-old Hillary, who took care of Hillary, he said: “I will take care of your child like my granddaughter.”

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