Jul 28, 2021

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Gauteng NGOs taking care of the mentally ill suffer as health department delays payments

Dozens of NGOs caring for mentally ill and physically disabled patients across Gauteng have waited weeks for payment from the Ministry of Health, the prosecutor said on Sunday.

Jack Bloom of the party said The situation has caused the suffering of thousands of mental health patients as staff remain unpaid and even food shortages.

“These NGOs were supposed to be paid on May 7th but have still not received a grant of R4,900 per patient by the Gauteng Health Department, “said Bloom.

” The delay is due to new Service Level Agreements that should have been signed earlier, as well as the new fiscal year that has started has in April, “he added.

Bloom sadly said this was nothing new.

” Every year there is a so-called ‘dry season’ when payments are delayed due to the department be at the start of new business ts year there is a lack of funds. In the past, legal action has even been taken to get the department to pay, ”he added.

Bloom said this was a major inconvenience for the health organizations that were also trying to get amid the Covid-19 Provide supplies to the pandemic.

He added that it was unfortunate that health facilities continued to feel the Ministry of Health’s shortcomings even after the Life Esidimeni saga that killed at least 143 people.

Bloom said he had spoken to the Minister of Health MEC Nomathemba Mokgethi about the issue and officials had promised to pay by the end of last week but did not do so by Sunday.

Meanwhile, Mokgethi’s office admitted failure to make all relevant payments.

In response to a question from TimesLIVE, department spokeswoman Kwara Kekana said, “Some of the NGOs have already been paid. The finance team has indicated that priority will be given to [the owed] NGOs so that payments can be made as soon as possible. “

The department would not commit to a time when the payments would be made.

The NGO owner Charmaine Henning from Ebenzer House in Witpoortjie said that for the last time the payment they received was in March.

Your facility has 26 patients and three employees.

“You now owe us two months – April and May. They keep saying we should be patient and that we get paid, but we haven’t, “she said.

” We’re just lucky we have some overdrafts on our accounts, but we’re getting there our maximum. “She added.

Henning said she was aware of other NGOs that barely survived.

” They have no overdrafts and vendors who do one at the end of each month Expecting payment … I know an NGO that has run out of hot water in the last two months, “she said.

These NGOs, said Henning, resort to giving patients only bread a health violation is a requirement set by the health department.

“It’s absolutely a blow. We are waiting for another big crisis, ”she said