Jul 28, 2021

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Gauteng not through third wave yet as looting hinders vaccination drive

The introduction of Covid-19 vaccination and testing procedures in Gauteng took a hit as protests, violence and looting rocked the province last week.

Tests and vaccinations were also hit hard in KwaZulu-Natal where the riot began – before it spread northward – in the wake of the incarceration of former President Jacob Zuma.

Prof Bruce Mellado, a member of the Gauteng Prime Minister’s Advisory Committee (PAC), said the province still not sure how they would fully understand the ramifications of the protest in a few days.

He said an analysis of the full extent of the looting, which will be measured over the next few days, would Halftime show effects of the looting. He said the province as a whole has passed the peak of infections but is still at high risk.

“So if we are still at high risk, the numbers are still too high. We can’t relax, we can’t tell people to relax because we are not in this situation. We are on the downtrend but the numbers are still too high to say the third wave is over. The third wave is not over yet, unfortunately the number of hospital admissions is still very high.

“The numbers have not decreased fast enough, so clearly in relation to the unrest and the riots there There are two types of interactions, one that takes place indoors and one outdoors.

“Outdoors is less dangerous, but all interactions indoors – like in malls or stores – are common great, because they There are places where there is no ventilation, people are close, they touch, they breathe into each other. And this is where the problem arises.

“We have seen in the subdistricts that have rioted that the number [of new infections] is not falling as fast as in other counties and subdivisions, in where there was less or no riot, ”he said.

The Gauteng Health Department confirmed that the province’s vaccination program had been affected by the violent protests and a number of sites had to be closed.

< p> Spokesman Motalatale Modiba said the number of people who presented for vaccination was low across the province.

“In the Joburg district, six locations in the greater Soweto area were affected, while in the Ekurhuleni district two locations in Vosloorus and Thokoza were closed. A location in the Sedibeng district was affected. Tshwane and West Rand districts were not affected, “he said.

Modiba said no vaccines were wasted.

He said the government was using several options, such as opening vaccination sites at weekends and using pop-up sites and mass vaccination sites to make vaccinations more accessible.

“The Gauteng government is about to unveil a huge program that will bring the vaccination campaign in throughout the province. Working with multiple stakeholders in the public and private sectors, including religious organizations and NGOs. ”

Modiba said that all public vaccination centers in Gauteng accept walk-ins, regardless of whether or not people are registered in the EVDS.

“All people are supported and vaccinated during registration, including those who are registered and are waiting for SMS. It is important that we vaccinate as many eligible people as possible. Vaccines are important because they help protect against serious illness and hospitalization. ”Meanwhile, insurer Liberty announced on Tuesday that it had opened its headquarters in Braamfontein to the public as a vaccination site for the government help speed up the vaccination program.

The insurer said its central location in Braamfontein will allow residents of downtown and the surrounding area easy access to registration and vaccination.

“The vaccinations will be given by Liberty’s medical partner Dis-Chem,” said Liberty.

Liberty’s chief risk officer Philip Harrison said they want to use their position in central Johannesburg to help Providing people with a safe environment for vaccination.

The insurer said free, well-marked Liberty shuttles run to and from Park Station for people arriving by train from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm 7.30 p.m.

A shuttle departs from Park train station every 15 minutes.