Oct 21, 2021

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Gauteng offices to be pop-up Covid-19 vaccination sites: here’s how it’ll work

The Gauteng Health Department is calling on organizations and companies with more than 50 employees to apply as pop-up Covid-19 vaccination centers in order to make vaccines available to more people in the province.

In a statement, the department issued on Sunday said it would provide health education to people before the vaccines are given. This should counteract the vaccination delay.

“Institutions with 50 or more employees who have not yet received a vaccination are provided with vaccinations at the workplace.

” This also includes health education Provide clarity on any related issues workers may have, “the department said.

The province administered 6,858 vaccines over the last 24-hour cycle. A total of 5,047,753 vaccines were given to eligible adults.

“Only by vaccinating the majority of citizens can we get the economy back on track and restore some normalcy when we come back for the things that we like to do, such as attending concerts, sporting events, religious conferences, etc., ”said the department.

Companies wishing to apply must provide their details, including the number of eligible employees. about vaccination, the address and whether employees need health education before vaccination.