Oct 4, 2022

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Gift of the Givers borehole strikes water in drought-hit Nelson Mandela Bay

The humanitarian aid organization Gift of the Givers successfully sunk its fourth well at Jose Pearson Hospital in Nelson Mandela Bay on Wednesday afternoon.

The first water hammer hit 160 m, the second hit 168 m moments later.

Jose Pearson treats more than 230 patients with tuberculosis. There are 160 staff.

The hospital has been reported to suffer from frequent water shortages and Gift of the Givers has prioritized the area since day zero.

People in the area The area will also have access to water from the borehole once the water has been tested and declared safe for human consumption.

Gift of the Givers plans to drill 10 boreholes in Nelson Mandela Bay, but when more funds are available Drilling can continue in other drought-affected areas.

The crisis in the province led to the introduction of “water diversion” in several areas earlier this month. The flooding caused power outages between 10am and 4pm daily.

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