Jan 25, 2022

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Go private and send your school bill to Panyaza Lesufi, says ANCYL in Joburg

Since many students still have to be placed in state schools due to “deficiencies” in the public education sector, the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) in Johannesburg has asked the Gauteng Ministry of Education to teach them in private schools and walk the bill.

ANCYL spokesman for Johannesburg Penuel Maduna blamed Gauteng’s Department of Education, saying they should be held accountable for their shortcomings in addressing the lack of capacity in public schools.

“We are calling on the Gauteng Ministry of Education to place the youth who cannot access schools due to the ministry’s failure in private schools until their placement in public schools is completed.”

He said the ANCYL will work with the Congress of South African Students to “go through a process of identifying students who do not have access to schools n, and take them to private schools and instruct the schools to send their bills to the office “. of the educational MEC. “

Maduna said 1,465 young people were unable to attend schools due to a lack of space, and 866 appeals were filed by parents who were not satisfied with the schools their children were housed in.

He said the ministry’s online application system, introduced in 2016, has deprived some young people of the right to equal education over the past five years.

“The system has more young people enrolled in schools far away from where they live, with parents struggling with additional transport costs on top of the challenges they already face, resulting in students missing school days. We ask the Gauteng Education Department to cover the transportation costs of students who are in schools more than 10 km from where they live. ”On Friday, the Gauteng Department of Education said that parents had the opportunity have to apply for a school place as the late registration process starts today.

The department has 240 million to deal with the pressure of accommodation in high pressure areas .