Oct 3, 2022

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Godongwana’s advice to Mboweni

Former Finance Minister Tito Mboweni left the TL deep in thought this week as he shared advice from his successor, Enoch Godongwana.

Mboweni resigned as Minister in August last year.

< p>Mboweni took to social media this week to share the advice his friend once gave him: Don’t attack the haters.

“Minister Godongwana always tells me when I’m angry about something: Don’t swim in the mud with pigs. You won’t win.”

Mboweni said he learned that lesson in Lesotho and said it was good advice.

“Don’t argue a fool because people won’t notice the difference,” he said.

While some applauded the advice, others said it was valuable to have your say when you believes in something.

“Who cares what people think? If your point is valid, argue, stand firm, mean business, be firm in your stance and choice of words, and don’t back down,” suggested one user.

Others said while the minister shared proverbs, the plight of the poor worsened.

“With all those wise words you say to each other, the unemployment rate keeps rising. They haven’t changed the economy, and blacks continue to live in the mud. Always remember that,” said another user.

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