Feb 7, 2023

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‘Gun-toting’ Durban teacher suspended after allegedly using weapon to discipline pupils

An armed high school teacher who allegedly pointed her gun at unruly students has been suspended by the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education.

The Department made the decision after an investigation into claims by angry parents of Phambili students High in Rossburgh, Durban, that the teacher carried a gun to the school and intimidated their children.

Nathi Ngcobo, Division Chief of the Provincial Education Department, said: “I can confirm that the teacher at Phambili High School in Umlazi district, who pointed a gun at students and accused them of being rebellious and making noise, has been suspended by the department pending disciplinary proceedings against them.

“We condemn them Kind of behavior from all employees in the department, worse if it’s a teacher.

“It’s a behavior we don’t want our children to emulate n Look up to teachers as role models.

“That’s why we are decidedly looking into this case,” Ngcobo said.

A school teacher asked for comment but not authorized , speaking to the media, said the teacher was absent from school this week after a group of angry parents demanded that she quit her job.

Parents speaking to TimesLIVE said the teacher have “exercised power” at the school, which at times strained her relationship with the principal.

< p>Earlier this month, five parents called a meeting to address the teacher’s misconduct. The teacher is said to have stormed the meeting with bodyguards.

“This matter has dragged on for some time. So we unequivocally call for their release,” said one parent.

The meeting prompted the parents to hold a five-day vigil on school grounds. Meanwhile, some parents wrote a letter to a senior official in the local district of the department.

The official informed the parents that the matter was receiving the attention it deserved.

“The Officials told us that what the teacher allegedly did was contrary to how things should be in a school. He said the matter was escalated to the head of the department,” said one parent.

In 2018, TimesLIVE reported that students at Phambili High allegedly rampaged and vandalized a controversial property across the street. They claimed at the time that 10 families they accused of being illegal tenants refused to vacate the property so four classrooms could be built there. His teachers were caught beating students for being late.

Additional Reporting Mfundo Mkhize

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