Nov 29, 2022

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Gupta extradition: Next step is recovering the money, says Corruption Watch

Asset recovery is a major challenge for law enforcement officials trying to recover the vast amounts of money laundered from South Africa as legal processes develop to reverse the damage caused by the government’s capture, says Corruption Watch.

“The impact of the Guptas’ [allegedly] illegal transactions, which have looted millions if not billions of rand from the Central Fiscus, have impacted the country’s ability to meet the ongoing challenges of inequality, poverty and unemployment cope, and seriously impedes progress in transformation and development,” said Karam Singh, executive director of Corruption Watch.

He welcomed the extradition proceedings against Atul and Rajesh Gupta and said: “The arrests did not come out of the blue, but are the result of persistence ger efforts to institute legal proceedings against the brothers.

“While it is a significant development, it is only a step closer to justice, and the Guptas must face the f authority of the law in this country.

“It is hoped that further arrests of senior officials and Gupta associates will follow, along with a series of successful prosecutions.”

The two Gupta brothers became arrested in Dubai this week after an Interpol Red Notice was issued against them. The brothers are wanted in South Africa for fraud, corruption and money laundering in connection with their capture by the state. The government is working on a procedure to extradite them to stand trial in SA.

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