Jun 15, 2021

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Have you seen these men? SAPS shares list of ten ‘most wanted’ criminals

SAPS is calling for help from ordinary people today as law enforcement officers try to uncover new information about some of their “most wanted” suspects. In these cases, public contributions are required to ensure justice:

“The South African Police Service (SAPS) is urging the public to assist in the search for the following alleged perpetrators related to We are looking for various crimes committed nationwide

Police statement

Who is on this so – called the “SAPS Most Fanted” list?

Rape, murder and burglary are on the shameful list, and there are also several charges of theft. The men have so far been able to evade capture, but SAPS now hopes that this “naming and shaming” approach will accelerate the process of capturing the “terrible ten”. The names and related crimes of the suspects are as follows:

  • Roland Wildschut: HAUSBRECHEN
  • Lihle Dlambulo: THEFT OF A MOTOR VEHICLE
  • Zinsele Panky Scetzhe : RAPE
  • David Leeke: HAUSBRECHEN
  • Ntsikelelo Ndarane Ndabone: THEFT
  • Neo Nkoanyane: HOUSEBREAKING
  • Kenny Ntlakantlakana: MURDER

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  • Kulmiye Tussuf: FRAUD
    • Llwellyn van Niekerk: THEFT
    • Mzuvukile Nsabexhwele: THEFT

    What happens from here?

    Should you have any information about these men or the crimes they committed, please contact the SAPS number shown in the picture for criminal stops or one of the six investigators who are responsible for the ir cases.

    All calls are kept strictly confidential and you can remain anonymous throughout the process. SAPS is asking the public for “urgent help” to reach those on South Africa’s unofficial “Most Wanted” list. The police also tweeted about the matter on Monday: