Oct 21, 2021

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Hawks arrest Phoenix pair with R260k worth of drugs and paraphernalia

An alleged drug producer and accomplice were arrested in Phoenix, north of Durban, and charged with drug trafficking.

Nikkita Landie, 29, and Ronaldo Pillay, 24, briefly dived at Verulam. on judges after they were caught by the Hawks in the province.

Members of the Hawks of Durban’s Serious Organized Crime Investigation Unit, along with the Criminal Investigation Department and the Durban Metro drug team, arrested the two after they Information was obtained about someone producing drugs in the area.

“An intelligence operation was quickly carried out and they went to an apartment. A search was carried out and the police found crack cocaine, cocaine powder, large pieces of cocaine moon [rock] and paraphernalia, “said Hawks Province spokesman Capt Simphiwe Mhlongo.

” The police kept investigating and the second suspect was arrested nearby. He was taken to his place of residence, where other drugs, including Mandrax tablets, were confiscated from his house and vehicle.

“The street value of the confiscated drugs and paraphernalia is approximately R267,500.”

It is believed that Landie allegedly manufactured the drugs and that Pillay is the alleged accomplice.

Both defendants were given bail of R10,000 each and their case was settled Postponed further investigation to December 8th.