Sep 21, 2021

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Hawks nab suspect for huge Experian data breach

The Hawks on Wednesday arrested a 36-year-old man in connection with one of SA’s biggest data breaches at the Experian credit bureau in August 2020.

Hawks spokesman Col Katlego Mogale said Experian allegedly had one Contract with a suspect using the name of a person who is the director of a legitimate holding company and whose subsidiaries have interests in real estate, ICT and finance of information provided in the ordinary course of business or publicly available.

“The agreement gave the individual access to the personal information of the credit reporting agency of millions of people.

< p> “The suspect downloaded approximately 23 million personal records and 727,000 business records. The suspect then tried to sell these records for about 4.2 million ren, “Mogale said.

The suspect was due to appear in Palm Ridge District Court on Wednesday for fraud and electronic violations Communication to be charged and Transaction Law.