Dec 9, 2021

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Health department extends R100 vaccination incentive to 50-year-olds

The health department has extended the incentive offer of R100 food vouchers for first-dose vaccinations from this Thursday to people over 50.

Previously, these “Vooma vouchers” were only available for people aged 60 and over to make it easier for older people to get vaccinated by offsetting part of the costs they incur to get to the vaccination centers.

“Unfortunately, Vooma vouchers were poorly received only 8,135 were redeemed to date. We also didn’t see a significant increase in vaccinations among those over 60.

“We’re trying to understand the reasons for this slow spread. We’re only two weeks old and it’s The message may take some time to filter through to everyone, but we don’t have the luxury of time as the fourth wave is approaching and we have to quickly adjust our strategy if it doesn’t seem to have the desired effect.

“The G The voucher is designed to help people gain access to the vaccine, which has a far higher value than the voucher itself.

“Especially with the elderly, vaccination can determine whether families spend their holidays with relatives in the hospital attend or even attend funerals, “said Dr David Harrison, National Director of Health for Accelerating Demand.

Three out of five people ages 50 and older have had at least one vaccination and have achieved the most of the remaining will significantly reduce hospital admissions and deaths over the holidays and well into the new year.

The department announced that in November Vooma vouchers worth R100 will be given to the Shoprite group Redeemable by food retailers, people aged 60 and over. There are still more than 4 million people – a people aged 50 and over – who have not been vaccinated and it It is to be hoped that by extending this offer, a significant number of them will be able to get in touch, according to the department.