Sep 20, 2021

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Here’s why there was no water in Tshwane: massive illegal connection discovered

The city of Tshwane has removed illegal water connections at Mamelodi Reservoir 4, resulting in outages in Mamelodi East.

The pipeline that illegally supplies water to an informal settlement in the area was closed on Tuesday by. removes the city’s water and sewage authorities.

The intervention came after complaints from residents of Mamelodi Extensions 4 and 5, Mahube Valley and Ikageng, who had prolonged water outages.

Those of the city Spokeswoman Lindela Mashigo said after the complaints that the water and wastewater unit of Region 6, which is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and water supply in connection with large water services, had inspected the water network.

“This investigation was made discovered a ground-based pipeline that served as an illegal aqueduct to the nearby informal settlement Baviaanspoort, “he said of the operation to ensure the safety of the craftsmen when the pipeline is disconnected.

To prevent recurrence:” The pipeline was cut up and thus unusable. The city also ensured that window frames were closed with steel slate to make it more difficult to penetrate the reservoir chamber where the illegal connection was made. The municipality removed the illegal connection and adjusted the pressure.

” The community would like to commend the residents affected by the water failure for their patience and the water supply difficulties they endured for two weeks To report water infrastructure and illegal connections to the water network to the TMPD [Metropolitan Police]. “