Jan 27, 2023

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‘He’s snitching on the president’ — SA weighs in on the DA approaching the FBI to investigate ‘farmgate’

South Africans, in response to DA leader John Steenhuisen’s announcement that the party had contacted the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to investigate the “Farmgate” scandal of investigating President Cyril Ramaphosa, humorous.

He said prosecutors want the FBI to investigate allegations of possible money laundering against the President and the source of the funds to determine if the money brought to SA was reported to the appropriate authorities.

Steenhuisen said the party went this route because the money stolen from Ramaphosa’s farm was in US currency.

“We also recommended that the ledgers or journals that recorded the alleged sale of game at auction are requested by the President to establish the identity of those involved in the suspicious cash transactions,” Steenhuisen said.

He said prosecutors who en kept the pressure up and not silent on the allegations against Ramaphosa.

“The President may try to remain silent, but as the opposition we will not remain silent. As we have followed [former President] Mr. Jacob Zuma, we must ensure that the pressure is kept up. It shouldn’t matter who the President of SA is. The law must apply equally to them. They must be above reproach and abide by the values ​​and principles they have adopted and are sworn to uphold,” Steenhuisen said.

The prosecutor’s stance comes in response to allegations by former spy chief Arthur Fraser, Ramaphosa a crime involving the theft of millions of dollars from his phala phala farm in February 2020. Fraser filed criminal charges against Ramaphosa.

Some on social media ridiculed the prosecution’s approach, saying it will yield no results.

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