Dec 5, 2022

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High failure rate of mini-substations and transformers in Gauteng results in equipment shortages

Eskom says the high number of power plant outages has strained its ability to replace and restore service in affected areas across Gauteng.

The utility said it was having problems with limited Inventory levels of mini-substations and transformers due to an exponential number of failed electrical equipment due to grid congestion.

According to Eskom, grid congestion is caused by illegal connections, meter bypass and manipulation, network tampering, infrastructure vandalism and theft, and non-payment and non-purchase of legal brands of electricity.

“While we face the challenge of equipment shortages, manufacturers have committed to continue prioritizing Eskom as they understand the impact this will have on Gauteng as an economic hub, has important services and communities in the province,” Mashangu said Xivambu, senior manager for maintenance and operations in Gauteng.

The utility said it has to date successfully replaced and repaired 116 of 181 damaged mini-substations and 1,326 of 2,314 transformers at a cost of R152 million .

However, he said he continues to face high demand for equipment that requires repairs or replacements, making it difficult to meet demand.

The utility said, that the frequent and increasing number of road closures and protests delaying entry add to the delay and are a key concern of Eskom’s management in areas that need work.

Xivambu said that access to Their offices are often blocked and employees are sometimes attacked by community members, intimidated and held hostage in extreme situations.

< p>“This harassment and intimidation is also experienced by our employees, we nn they drive and operate in the province. The safety of Eskom employees is our top priority. We will discontinue our services in areas where your safety is at risk. We have reported these cases to law enforcement for further investigation.”

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