Dec 9, 2021

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High-powered team looking for masterminds of July unrest, SAHRC hearing told

Four specialist prosecutors worked with the Hawks, Crime Intelligence, digital forensic investigators and others to find out who was behind the July riots.

” We want to know where it started? And why did it start? And how did it start? And if someone was behind it – were there individuals pushing and planning? Director of the KwaZulu-Natal Prosecutor’s Office, who heads the Organized Crime Division of the National Prosecutor’s Office.

The commission is investigating weeks of violence that led to widespread looting and around 300 deaths , some allegedly for racist orientation towards roadblocks in the community.

Mashamaite refused to fall back on previous investigations and possible charges of treason or sedition. He would not say whether “high-ranking” people were being investigated.

“Things will move forward. If there is evidence, it will be brought to court,” he said.

His unit, he said, looked specifically at the instigators of the violence and those who instigated others, whether they were funded or had a specific mandate.

So far, three such cases have been on trial. Two have been adjourned due to further investigations and one brought to trial in February.

The lawyers of Mashamaite also looked into four other trials and further investigations were conducted to determine whether to bring the charges.

He said the investigation into the instigators was “tense and.” complex “.

His colleague, attorney Noxy Dube, said that their” general “unit deals with other serious matters and currently has six Murder cases involving multiple accused and multiple crimes in the Verulam and Phoenix areas are on the list.

Other than that, the bail requests were completed and in one case an indictment was pending delivery to the Colonel Court prepared.

Dube said three experienced lawyers were handling the matter while they were still in the lower courts.

< span> “We were in Verulam almost every day … with adjournments and bail requests.”

After the apparent discrepancy between the number of murders, attempted murders and other serious crimes that allegedly committed during the riots, and the number of homicide cases currently on trial, Dube said the police “are not bringing dead files”.

“They are bringing Only file if there’s something to start from … is evidence. “

She said her tea m is currently investigating two other files.

Attorney Val Melis, the incumbent chief prosecutor for the Pinetown cluster, said Verulam has 20 cases on the court roster for less serious crimes , including malicious damage to property, assault, firearm-related charges, and possession of alleged stolen property.

One was concluded with an admission of guilt. Every matter had, too more than one defendant – with up to eight in some.

Once the investigation was complete, it would be tried in either the district or regional courts, depending on the charges.

Melis added that in 2,219 looting cases, all but 64 have been prosecuted.

The hearing that began last Monday in Durban will be held continued on Friday.