Jan 31, 2023

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Higher load-shedding levels having negative effect on Tshwane power network

The city of Tshwane says that higher levels of load shedding are having a negative impact on their power grid and infrastructure, affecting their ability to handle outages.

Having already implemented Level 4 load shedding for several Days on Tuesday, Eskom announced it would implement Level 6 during peak hours on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The utility said this was due to unlawful industrial action at its plants.

“Unfortunately, means Stage 6 load shedding that all Tshwane regions will be affected by continuous power outages for at least six hours per day. These power outages are implemented in two or three phases per day,” said utility and regional operation MMC Daryl Johnston.

“As has often been communicated, our power grids were never designed for load shedding and therefore continuous network switching on and off switching off has a major detrimental effect on infrastructure.”

Johnston warned residents to be aware that load shedding can lead to additional outages due to grid congestion, as well as vandalism and theft of electrical infrastructure.

“As the frequency of load shedding increases, the city’s resources are being strained by the continuous switching on and off of electricity in the different regions of Tshwane. The same team that implements Eskom load shedding plays a critical role in repairing and maintaining our power grid.”

With Stage 6 of load shedding, teams have significantly less time to work on restoring power to work for outages unrelated to load shedding.

“Despite these challenges, our power teams are committed to ensuring the city recovers from power outages as quickly as possible, but the reality is that our systems are not designed to deal with this situation.”

Johnston urged local residents to limit the negative impact by turning off appliances and energy-consuming machines during load shedding.

” We will closely monitor the situation and ensure we respond quickly to any power grid challenges arising from load shedding.”

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