Dec 7, 2022

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Home affairs officials dismissed for selling SA identities to foreigners

Two Home Office officials have been sanctioned and others are being targeted by the ministry for selling the identities of South Africans to foreigners.

On Tuesday, the ministry said Minister Aaron Motsoaledi was determined to stop all home affairs politicians eliminate corrupt elements.

“Two officials colluded with foreigners to sell identities of South Africans. The Ministry is on the trail of other Home Office officials involved in these heinous acts and they will be arrested soon.”

Motsoaledi has praised what he considers most Home Office officials, saying they are honest are “despite the lucrative temptations to which some others who are being arrested have fallen.”

A Benoni officer was fired after being charged with gross misconduct in a departmental sanction for processing 111 documents for foreigners for nationals using the data of SA citizens had been found guilty. He charged a fee of R1,000 per application. He is appealing his dismissal.

A Germiston officer was arrested for processing 13 passport applications for foreign nationals, charging between R2,500 and R5,000 each. He was released after admitting his guilt, the department said.

Both are being investigated by police for possible criminal charges.

“Police are also pursuing South Africans who sold their identities and the foreigners who wanted to buy SA documents they don’t deserve,” the department said.

None of the forged documents were ever used.

“All fraudulent IDs and passports processed were flagged as forged and removed from Home Office records, rendering them useless and useless to those who acquired them.”

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