Nov 28, 2021

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How can I encourage my colleagues to get vaccinated?

Covid-19 has presented jobs and employers with many challenges in the last year, including reluctance to use vaccines.

The people Encouraging to vaccinate oneself against the virus without actually enforcing the vaccination has proven challenging for some. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended that employers and colleagues can encourage each other to get vaccinated by exchanging clear, complete and accurate messages , confidence in the decision to vaccinate empower and involve others in plans to vaccinate potential barriers to vaccination.

“Allow time for confidence in the vaccine to grow. Employees who are initially hesitant can become more confident after seeing their colleagues vaccinated, “said the CDC.

Labor and Labor Minister Thulas Nxesi said c < / span> Businesses should find an adequate solution, fair to all parties, if employees refuse to be vaccinated for medical or constitutional reasons.

Nxesi, new in June Has issued guidelines on workplace vaccination, said it was part of the new consolidated focus on occupational safety measures in specific workplaces.

“The key is that we have a balance must find the needs and take into account the dictates of collective bargaining and the need to preserve the health of workers and the operation of businesses. The Labor Relations Act emphasizes the priority of collective agreements. “

According to limited knowledge, guaranteed gift incentives are also effective in getting people vaccinated.

< span> Approaches that jobs can take advantage of include cash rewards, paid time off or vacation days, gift cards, free products, and flexible and penalty-free sick leave options for employees who show symptoms after vaccination.

< span> Around the world, some countries offer hunting rifles, shotguns, custom trucks, and weekend trips to state parks as incentives to get vaccinated.

Sky News reported that the UK was offering cheaper rides on Uber, Bolt and Deliveroo, as well as discounted meals from Pizza Pilgrims to encourage vaccination among young people .

In August, the late Johannesburg Mayor Jolidee Matongo said the city was considering incentivizing residents, especially men, to be vaccinated against the virus.

He said the city is looking for creative ways to encourage men to win, such as drawing lots to win a car. < / p>

Matongo said the price of the car is aimed particularly at men because they “want to enjoy life”.

In June span > Uber SA is offering 100,000 free rides through July 8th to support school staff with vaccination.

Restaurant chain Wimpy offered free coffee to the vaccinated, and the retailer Game announced discounts for those who had their vaccinations.

Recently the government announced that it would practice to everyone 50 people who are vaccinated will be giving out food vouchers amounting to R100.