Sep 21, 2021

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Human trafficking incidents have spiked during pandemic: John Jeffery

Gauteng has seen an increasing number of incidents of children trafficked for sexual exploitation due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This was admitted by Deputy Minister for Justice and Constitutional Development, John Jeffery an event to commemorate. announced World Anti-Trafficking Day in Pretoria on Friday.

He said risk factors changed during Covid-19 due to higher unemployment and loss of family income.

“It has to be It should be noted that while the number of human trafficking convictions in South Africa is not very high, the number of convictions is increasing. There is no significant evidence of citizens traveling overseas and to South Africa for child sex tourism, “he said.

Jeffery said the convictions provided important insight.

” Children are the strongest at risk for sex trafficking and forced labor. The identified weaknesses were more common in girls. Children at higher risk came from parents who had conflicted in their relationships, or from parents who had disadvantaged themselves or were victims of substance abuse.

“Some parents were in favor of trafficking their children Responsible for sexual exploitation. Loss of income as a result of Covid-19. Some parents are looking for work on farms but do not want to be rescued from human traffickers because they want to keep their jobs.

“Children were made for purposes like Sexual exploitation, drug trafficking and forced marriage, “he said.

Data obtained during the reporting period show that suspected and confirmed victims are the most likely to be women, with women accounting for 90% and more of alleged victims and confirmed victims.

“The alleged victims are more likely to have foreigners entering the country for work than are necessarily victims of n Human trafficking.

“Access to asylum procedures has been temporarily suspended and will be restored at an appropriate time with the relaxation of lockdown restrictions. The country is more likely to see a number of asylum seekers dropping out of the process and choosing to be evacuated to their countries of origin.

“Border closings and restrictions on movement for migrants have reduced many activities that seriously affect human trafficking to have. “Said the deputy minister.