Dec 9, 2021

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Hunt for ‘Good Samaritan’ who allegedly kidnapped baby after offering to help unemployed mom

Durban Police are looking for a woman who allegedly abducted a six-day-old boy after offering his unemployed mother money to buy clothes and groceries.

Capt Nqobile Gwala said, the mother opened a case of kidnapping after the woman allegedly ran away with her baby Monday afternoon.

She told police that she met the woman while she was near King Edward Hospital had been waiting for a bus.

“While she was waiting for a bus, she was approached by an unknown woman who became friends with her.

” The woman who When the child was presumably in her 30s, offered to buy groceries for the child after learning that the mother was unemployed, the applicant and the woman took a taxi to Dr. Pixley Kaseme Street in Durban to take the woman Could buy clothes for the child. ”

Gwala said the woman had the mother Cash was given to buy the goods.

“The woman informed the baby’s mother to leave the baby with her while she bought the required items.

” The complainant left her baby with the woman in front of the shop. After a few minutes the mother of the child returned from the shop and found that the woman with the infant had disappeared. “

Anyone with information that can help the Durban Central Detectives is asked, Sgt Zulu on 082 750. to contact 8947/031 325 4079 or Crime Stop at 08600 10111.